Apr 26, 2008

Utilizing Internet

Ok, I am posting after ages. I know that, "I am aware of that". But posting after ages, doesn't mean, I have not been on Internet or something...it just means, I haven't been utilizing the net (properly?).

Now everyone has their different definitions for utilizing the internet. I have been struggling to frame mine too. So, let me tell you about my random day today, and you may get a hint about what I am trying to talk about here!!

I woke up, and felt like doing nothing, or atleast, not my regular day chores. (It only means, not taking bath on time!!). So, I decided to look at Internet, and check what I have been missing since a long time. I started with my blog which has been in shambles since ages, and I realized, I havent been posting since millenias + - a few decades. Next came my website, which was in a relatively better shape, as I had updated it some time back coz of its need. And then came something, spectacular....

I don't have words for it, but I will just say, that, I came onto an unexplored field of social interaction websites, and to keep track of all this, I started bookmarking them.

And at the end of that exploration, if I tell you that list of bookmarks....... have a look yourself....

  1. Orkut - Supposedly Social Networking (All the profiles are locked by their owners!!!)

------- This site is especially popular with Indians, so just liked to discuss it more [:D]. So I will just enlist the points to be noticed whenever you visit this website -

  • All the photologs or photoalbums (as orkut people call them) are locked (means visitors cannot access them) - what do you mean by social networking, when no visitor can see you face??
  • Most of the "about me" sections will use bold tones and will displays owner's attitude in short and simple words. Aren't we supposed to be friendly in order to be able to network socially? Probably not in this part of the world!!!
  • Most of the profiles can be tagged as best displays of Creative (Plagiarism?) Display of Poetry.
  • Most of the Profiles with female owners will have profile pics of some extremely popular Actor (most of the people do not know that `Actress` is not a word anymore!!), probably telling that they are the spokesperson/manager for that star. (Probably!!)
  • The same applies to a lot of Male Profile Owners too. I am so proud to know so many Shahrukh Khans and Hrithik Roshans. The only thing that amazes me is, why the hell could I never manage to ask them for their autographs!!
  • Any (every girl) will have insane amounts of scraps saying, "I wanna friendship with you" (Mark the grammer here!!!) (All the puns intended!!). I can just imagine, how many friendship requests would they have!! And probably we should now start having a Guinness Book of World Records Entry for having maximum number of Friend Requests....what say organizers?
  • Every Guy will only look at his recent visitor's list for any recent "female" visitor, as soon as he logs in. He would care least if any guy has visited him (unless....you can let your minds run wild here).
  • Every guy, as soon as he visits a girl's profile, who has her pics uploaded, would look at her relationship status (first) and then will look at her personal information page (second), if in case, she doesn't have an appropriately filled personal page, they will next go to her album (third) to fill up her personal info page in their mind themselves.
As the readers know, I started this blog post with a motive of doing something entirely different, but as I have spent a lot of precious hours of mine on orkut, I have gotten emotional here, and will dedicate this blog post to the Orkut. Though I surely will continue with the list which I started above about the other websites in my next blog posts.

And lets get back to our Orkut Features -

  • And to add upon the love of Orkut (by me and others), I bring forth for you, an exclusive interview of an orkut user (exclusive, because, its her first interview). And yes, only for my special audience, I have managed to get the interview of a female user of orkut (certified female!!). So lets see, what this user has to say -
In Bracket would be my personal comments, added after the Interview (oh hell~~!!)

Elitecoder: Do u hate Orkut? (Do you?)

sugandha_vir_0389: no..

Elitecoder: Would u want to hate it?

sugandha_vir_0389: If I wanted to hate it, I would be hating it by now... [:P]

Elitecoder: Do you really love orkut for the guys who are up there?
Elitecoder: (including me) - [Ok, this bracket text was a part of interview.]

sugandha_vir_0389: for th guys..as in?
sugandha_vir_0389: cud u explain a bit more?

Elitecoder: Just generalize the guys here, as in take the 100% guys ratio here, don't just look at the guys u like :D

sugandha_vir_0389: ok..
sugandha_vir_0389: well to be honest...a LOT of the guys out dere are big time losers..
sugandha_vir_0389: as in i would never even want to talk to them
sugandha_vir_0389: let alone "phrandship with them" (Mark the grammer here, all puns intended!!)

Elitecoder: Ok
Elitecoder: I would take your comments with sincere respect.
Elitecoder: Do you think girls up on orkut are really worth the attention they get?
Elitecoder: I should press upon the point here that I am trying not to be partial with any sex
Elitecoder: or any sexual alignments.

sugandha_vir_0389: Ok, i get it...
sugandha_vir_0389: Well...They get attention of people who think they are worth it...
sugandha_vir_0389: and whether sumone is worth any attention or not is totally upto the one who gives attention to the other person

Elitecoder: That would be an absolutely politically correct answer...claps!!

sugandha_vir_0389: Thank you.. :)

Elitecoder: Do you think, girls should put up their real pics on a social networking site (Orkut for example) - [Again this bracket was a part of interview]

sugandha_vir_0389: Again a personal choice..
sugandha_vir_0389: but i don't think there is anything wrong with it
sugandha_vir_0389: as i have put up mine on Orkut.. :)

Elitecoder: Would you mind if your Id is published somewhere. I should add that, that somewhere, (my blog) is never visited by anyone.

sugandha_vir_0389: my id...
sugandha_vir_0389: umm...what is the worst that can happen if it is...

Elitecoder: Actually, i should just say, its your id, as people would never know, which Id it is (IRC, Gadu Gadu or AOL)

sugandha_vir_0389: I'll get a lot of spam...or some weird friend requests..

Elitecoder: Yeah, that could be the worst.

sugandha_vir_0389: so..well that'll be sum nuisance...
sugandha_vir_0389: Nothin more than that

Elitecoder: Yes, i agree
Elitecoder: and appreciate your courage

sugandha_vir_0389: :)

Elitecoder: Give me a moment, lemme update that somewhere (my blog) once
Elitecoder: Gimme a few minutes

sugandha_vir_0389: Ok..

Elitecoder: You can read the blog post again, if you wish to
Elitecoder: and shall we continue with the interview

sugandha_vir_0389: ok wait up...
sugandha_vir_0389: :))
sugandha_vir_0389: You actuallly put up the whole thing there... :))

Elitecoder: Well, just be yourself :D

sugandha_vir_0389: I am myself... :)

Elitecoder: So shall we continue further?

sugandha_vir_0389: Sure...
sugandha_vir_0389: Exclusive interview and all haan??
sugandha_vir_0389: How do you know its my first??????

Elitecoder: Idiot
Elitecoder: Exclusive is mine, i am taking my first interview :D

sugandha_vir_0389: :))
sugandha_vir_0389: Oh ok....:P
sugandha_vir_0389: Ok, continue' s'il vous plait... :)

Elitecoder: Huh? (I never knew this would be coming!!!)

sugandha_vir_0389: Continue please?
sugandha_vir_0389: Thodi French maar rahi thi (Was trying my hand at French - Translation)
sugandha_vir_0389: :P

Elitecoder: :P
Elitecoder: I hope you have read the feature set, which I have published on my Blog by now. Would you like to add something to it, or comment on some of them (or all of them?)?

sugandha_vir_0389: Hmm...I'll need some time for that

Elitecoder: Yes, All my time is yours.... (I can imagine, someone running towards me with dagger in his/her hand)
Elitecoder: This is the last question though

sugandha_vir_0389: Okie
sugandha_vir_0389: 1) All the photologs or photoalbums (as orkut people call them) are locked (means visitors cannot access them) - what do you mean by social networking, when no visitor can see you face??
sugandha_vir_0389: well...my guess is that a lot of people out there on Orkut are not for social networking..
sugandha_vir_0389: as in to make new friends...they just want to stay in touch with existing ones..
sugandha_vir_0389: n get back in touch with the few old ones
sugandha_vir_0389: n some people like there privacy...I don't think there is anything wrong with that...
sugandha_vir_0389: There is a reason such an option is available on Orkut in the first place...
sugandha_vir_0389: I think the same goes for the second point of yours too
sugandha_vir_0389: Ok..having the pic of other actors n all...that is really sad...!! I totally agree with u on that (Nobody can imagine my joy, when she finally agreed with me on Some Damn Thing!!!)

Elitecoder: Please continue, I am listening.

sugandha_vir_0389: n about the number of scraps a girl gets
sugandha_vir_0389: well...if you enjoy all the attention..its ok..
sugandha_vir_0389: but if its a nuisance to you...you can always change your scrapbook settings to "only friends can add scraps"
sugandha_vir_0389: (in case someone didn't know that)
sugandha_vir_0389: and there is always room for introducing yourself while you add someone as friend....you do not need to scrap them for that
sugandha_vir_0389: n last two comments....that again depicts the general mindset of guys...or shall we say...yours?

Elitecoder: Hey, &%$$##@^$#$ this is gonna get up on blog, stop saying about me...
Elitecoder: #@%@#%!@%#

sugandha_vir_0389: This is what you think guys do.....maybe not all of them are that desperate.

sugandha_vir_0389: Why should I??
sugandha_vir_0389: I am talking to you na....I am gonna be myself...
sugandha_vir_0389: blog or no blog

Elitecoder: :(
Elitecoder: Ok, then continue....

sugandha_vir_0389: I guess I am done....I'll keep filling you in as soon as i get more ideas.

Elitecoder: Finally (Nobody can imagine, how happy I was, when she stopped getting against me and stopped, Hmmfff!!!!) , Thanks for your precious time for this interview. I will contact you again in case we need your time again. I appreciate it a lot. Thanks a lot.

And Finally, that interview was over. That girl actually made me sweat up, when she actually started pointing out my thinking out of nowhere....Gawd, I was thinking, how to make her stop!!!

But its over now. Enough on Orkut. I will finish Orkutting (or discussion about orkut here!!).
There is always room for another interview, but a guy this time. Lets see if someone volunteers for it.

See ya guys n gals!!!


Phoenix said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Phoenix said...

Sorry, an updated post necessitates an updated comment. So, the earlier one had to go :)

OK, great to have you blogging again. And what a way to start!! This is the first time I read an interview, which was being published in real time. Very innovative :)

The post nicely dissects what Orkut stands for today. Personally, I believe that true networking is always in the flesh. The online version sounds phony to me because you can never be sure if the online persona is really a true one or not.
An interesting page about Orkut demographics: http://www.orkut.com/MembersAll.aspx

Elitecoder said...

This happened after I published that post.

shantanu gaur: Thats nice!!!!
shantanu gaur: So you have become an e-reporter now.
Elitecoder: He he, be my guest and post a comment.
Elitecoder: He he and that was fun, being a reporter :))
shantanu gaur: And whatever you said about males n females on Orkut is pretty much valid
Elitecoder: I see :D
shantanu gaur: and I hope not every chat ends up on your blog
Elitecoder: He he he :D
Elitecoder: No my friend
Elitecoder: Though it indeed is an interesting idea
shantanu gaur: Sure it is
Elitecoder: Kewl, I will look into it, right away.

sidharth said...

Social networking whats that ?

I think its even more worse then Yahoo chat rooms . Communities where people don't post . People who don't reply to any messages , checking the scraps after a month and of course orkut messages . WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ANYONE CHECKED PERSONAL MESSAGES PLZZ check that INBOX TOO .

now for the second part ... are bas karo ...... main block mein dalne laga hun aapko .....pata chala meri sari bakwas online pahuch gayi toh mera kya hoga ... lolzzzz

vaise hi YMCA comunity mein bakwas dekh dekh ke log pareshan ho chuke hain .

PS:- really scared .... majak nahi hai yeh ..

CorpseofAttic said...

lol sir.. I din had the courage to read the full post... It would have just got me OFF my chair..
nevertheless. its good u started blogging again :D
although what I thing is that social networking sites are kinda weird... they don't have much to offer sans that contact to old school buddies.. Orkut, Hi5, Facebook , Myspace(dunno how many of my immidiate friends are on myspace :s) Its just enough and bit too more to handle.. just to check all these out daily would take more than half an hour.. Burp!!!

Ashraf said...

Santa:Whats the similarity between Jodha-Akbar, Deepika Padukone and this post ?

Banta: Teeno achhi hain lekin thodi lambi hai

Old joke...I know

But I like the idea for its novelty

Anu said...

Hey ... nice innovative idea .... i can see your hate for orkut here [:)]

Next time, try think of some good things orkut's done to you.

And poor sugandha ... She has my sympathies.