Nov 30, 2005

I m embarrased

This post of mine is for a very close friend of mine (I don't know whether i am close to her or not but she is very close to me). So this post goes to Deeksha.
I always thought that there is somewhere, an audience for me, but i never understood that the people closest to me are the first and the best audience.
Deeksha taught me that i must first learn to convey my thoughts to my closest people than to anyone else.
So here Deeksha, i write some thoughts of mine for you. I hope this time you will find it easy to grab.
I was talking about what can i do with the new monster which i have bought recently. I mean the new PC which i have bought.
Well first of all let me explain why i call my PC a monster?
My PC is a Dual Core Intel Pentium D 820. This is the processor specification. It means that i have Pentium Dual Core Processor model number 820 which consists of two execution cores on one die of 2.8 GHz clock speed each and with a 1MB L2 Cache each. Rather than that it also has a 12KB and 16KB L1 Cache. The Front Side Bus speed of this processor is 800 MHz which is 266 Mhz less than its AMD Athlon X2 counterpart but still it gives much better a performance when it is combined with the DDR II 667 MHz RAM.
DDR II stands for Dual Data Rate version 2 RAM which has a 667 MHz of Front Side Bus clock speed. Now here AMD lags behind as it uses DDR II 400 MHz RAM which is quite a lot slower than my DDR II 667 RAM.
Also my processor supports EM64T technology which stands for Extended Memory 64 bit Technology that is it supports 64 bit architectures which are the future of computing.
Till recently we all were using 32 bit OSes including Windows XP and Linux also. But now even Windows XP has come in 64 bit edition and i am using it currently.
But the problem which i am facing is that i have got the 64 bit OS, but i don't have any 64 bit software to run on that 64 bit OS. So i have to run my older 32 bit softwares on my brand new 64 bit OS which cripples my OS and i am unable to feel the actual power of my processor.
Also all the programs which we use today are not made to support Dual Core systems, therefore even after getting 64 bit softwares, i will not be using up all the power of my monster till the day i get some OS or software tailormade for my Dual core system. But yes, one thing i can be sure of is that, my monster is future proof for atleast 5 years to come.
So Deeksha what do you say now.
Have i made myself clear in this post????
Do write your comment soon.

Nov 29, 2005

What m i made of????

Well friends some times i think, i think and keep thinking.
I think many things. Many things which include all my adventures and all my misadventures and all my attributes and all my dreams.
I recently bought a new PC.

The Configuration is as under -
* Intel Pentuim D 820 - 2 x 2.8 GHz processors with 1BM L2 Cache each.
* Motherboard is Gigabyte iDNA series 945G
* 80GB Seagata Baracudda SATA.
* Transcend DDR II 667 MHz 1 GB RAM.

The major things are as above but now let me tell u what i was thinking.
i was thinking why don't i write as much as i think.
Isn't it bad that i write in between various months.
This is indeed very bad.
This PC costed me 31,000 bucks only and now i am confused as to what to do of this monster.
I m not getting any 64 bit softwares online so i am still running 32 bit ones which is a shame in itself.
Why is this so????
Leave alone 64 bit software, there are no softwares tailormade for dual core systems.
So in a way i m still running on a single leg.
And i m feeling very bad about it.
Some one should help me out in this. Some one should tell me where can i find 64 bit software for Windows XP 64 bit edition.
Some one should as i m unable to find the solution to this problem of mine.
I m waiting. And i will until my next post.
Until then bbye and take care.