Oct 18, 2010

How to define Politeness?

I had an amazing experience on Monday, April 12, 2010. While buying a bottle of coke, I was greeted by a Japanese girl, her name "Yin". She accepted my card with both of her hands, and returned while holding it in both her hands as well. It seems no big deal, but when you see it, it is an extreme case of politeness, which I have never seen anyone do in America. I know this, because everyone does it in Singapore.

It was like, Deja Vu. I told her that you remind me of old times and she said, I grew up in Japan and thus it might feel weird to you. In fact, not weird, it was very very pleasant. Amazing, how such a small action, holding a credit card with both hands, can be so polite.

Welcome to Team Asha

Wrote this small email welcoming new runners to Team Asha. As I spent considerable time writing it, might as well share it with others.

Hi Folks,

I hope you all enjoyed the potluck and our group and got a very good idea about what we stand for and what makes us "Team" Asha. After a great enjoyable evening, I would like to welcome you to Team Asha family where we stick together for each other and make life/everyday chores better for everyone. The very feeling of looking forward to Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday every week so you would meet these awesome people is something you will find out very soon once you start coming to our weekly runs.

But, even though, we show ourselves as a great group to become friends with and running as a great activity to catch onto, what we really take pride in is the understanding of the cause which drives us to do these things "voluntarily". The motivation apart from getting to meet so many great people is the fact that we are actually bringing a change in the lives of so many people back in India. We usually think about giving back to society, but we cannot do much on our own, so we need a group or someone with a momentum, who we could join, who is really making a difference. If we help someone with a momentum to make a change, our efforts will bear more fruit. And thus, what I want to tell you is that, we as Team Asha ARE making a difference. We have made a difference since past 5 years and we will keep making a difference and we have the required momentum and we are going strong. For our first 3 years we generated $14000. Last year itself, we raised close to $20,000. The facts, statistics and the truth is right there, we are going strong.

Now, YOU have the opportunity to join the bandwagon. Join us, and see how your small little effort to make a difference joined with other highly motivated individuals literally changes the lives of small little children back in India. Every one of you knows how bad conditions are back at home. Some villages still don't have electricity. And kids from such places, who is going to pay for their education. And if they aren't educated, how are they going to take a stand in life. It is all related and comes back to one vital thing, Education. We are where we are right now, because our parents educated us. Take that support away and there would hardly be any difference between us and them. So, obviously, the need is REAL. Its only a matter of you recognizing it and resolving to do something about it.

Life will make you busy, many things will seem more important but I am sure, 1 less can of coke every week (for donation) and probably a few hours of time every week (for training) will not go waste. Rather, it might be the best investment of time ever.

So, after a long lecture about why I think this cause is important, I'll welcome you once again to Team Asha family and I hope you will buy my logic and do the best you can to support us on bringing a change in the standard of life of kids back home.

C you on the road!!

Thanks and Regards,

Mukul Sharma

"A person who runs from responsibilities, runs from life."