Aug 9, 2005

Me regret

I regret some things in life as it is very much normal to regret things in life. I regret not reading eyes. I regret not saying Thank You, every time i benefitted something. I regret not going for the Grand Knoppix Launch Fair.
But thats not the issue. Knoppix 4.0 is out. But my net will not let me download its DVD version. And its CD is still not out. But who cares a damn when people are enjoying 8 GB of softwares on a DVD and u are still waiting for the CD to come out.
Windows Vista Beta came. Created a lot of hullaboo and then the rave reviews again forced me to curse Micro$oft again. I mean what will you prefer? Buying a 3GHz and 1 GB Dell Server or a 3GHz and 1 GB Destop PC just to run a God Damn resource hungry OS. Do you really think, those guys buying SLI enabled MoBos are doing so for running Windows Vista. We saw the rise of 64-bit Processors. We are seeing the screams of Dual Core Desktop Hands-on processors.
I got the opportunity to work on Dual AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor with 16 GB 733 MHz RAM with a SLI configured MotherBoard. And you know what, the first thing i did on the system was to see what the heck with OS. And i found it quite as normal as the one we use in our homes. You know which OS was it. It was RedHat Linux Advanced Server 3.0
And then i fired up the Live Server platform of the concerned firm on the system. The results were awesome. It didn't even budge a little when there were 34 Lac people online sharing a Whole network on 25 such systems.
And let me assure you, an Intel System/Windows system would have had got crushed under such a pressure, because i even tested a Dell Server with Intel Xeon 3.4 GHz on such a load and it just blew up and rebooted.
So i would just like to see this time at least Windows Vista to be boycotted by a common user. A common user who sees at Micro$oft as the GOD.
And I would like to see this time Fedora Core 4 emerging as the Best virtualised OS. An OS which won't let u miss anything of that God Damn Windows. Will give u a lot of Mac and will open a new horizon towards Sun's Solaris by giving you an opportunity to work on a 3D Desktop.
The rest is ur own preference. I won't force you to dump that pirated windows CD of urs and to get an official Linux Distro for 100 bucks.
May God have fun with u and Windows Vista.
Get kewl day by day. My best wishes with everyone.