Apr 27, 2008

Utilizing Internet Part - 2

Alright, it seems, I got time to continue with my post too soon. So lets start with the job I left some time back. Internet Utilization.

The second website, on my list is Facebook (Another Social Networking phenomena) (Ooh, another Likeness match and Zombie bite - I got no blood left, for God's Sake!!!)

If you want to have a look at, what I had earlier than that, have a peek -

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Facebook is another Social Networking site, which lets you install a number of various "interesting" applications, which assure you very less pains and huge amount of fun.

I am not a great talker, so I will again take the readers towards an interview, which I took with a user of Facebook (incidentally, she is that same girl, I interviewed last, hell, there was nobody else online!!!). I hope users gain some insight from the interview.

Elitecoder: Welcome back miss, I welcome you once again to my small show. Hope you enjoyed it last time.

sugandha_vir_0389: before dat...shudnt u edit dat part out..."user of facebook"
sugandha_vir_0389: cos im not..anymore..

Elitecoder: Before that, you #@%!@%#@, write correct English, as it took me hell of a time to edit your text!!!!
Elitecoder: last time.

sugandha_vir_0389: oh im so not gonna do dat

Elitecoder: #@%!@%##

sugandha_vir_0389: 2385734
sugandha_vir_0389: oh sorry
sugandha_vir_0389: @%$^$#^$%&%*&*#6

Elitecoder: It seems, I have no option left, but to bear with it (All my thoughts, should usually come in brackets)
Elitecoder: So ma'm, what do you feel about Facebook?

sugandha_vir_0389: "shud usually"???:P
sugandha_vir_0389: Anyways....
sugandha_vir_0389: Well...I personally don't like Facebook...
sugandha_vir_0389: I was a user some time back..but I didn't enjoy it much...so i closed my account...

Elitecoder: Well, I appreciate you personal views, but would you also throw some light on the general view about Facebook?

sugandha_vir_0389: General view....?? I wudnt know...I have better things to do than discuss Facebook with my friends...!!!

Elitecoder: Right. (Oh God, where am I stuck?)
Elitecoder: It displays the deepest affections for Facebook in your heart. I am thrilled.

sugandha_vir_0389: n general view...falls more under your work category...doesn't it?
sugandha_vir_0389: Deepest affections...so true....:P

Elitecoder: Ok, its a dangerous road ahead, discussing about me. (Why the hell, she always turns back on me??? What have i done??? :((( )
Elitecoder: So, let me ask you another question.

sugandha_vir_0389: ok..

Elitecoder: Did you get time to make friends on Facebook, for however long a time you were on it?

sugandha_vir_0389: As in...make friends with people I didn't know already...?

Elitecoder: Well, any sort of friends, for that matter.

sugandha_vir_0389: Well...ya..I made quite a few friends there.....but most of them were the ones I already knew....no new random friends...

Elitecoder: Thats a good thing.
Elitecoder: So what made you leave Facebook?
Elitecoder: It will be helpful, if you give some example in detail

sugandha_vir_0389: Uh...one pain in th %#^%$^$% aren't you...!!
sugandha_vir_0389: Ok I'll think
sugandha_vir_0389: For one....I used to get a LOT of updates..on who did what with whom...
sugandha_vir_0389: I mean..I am least bothered man...!! Who cares...if you got a 90% score on some movie quiz or whatever...

Elitecoder: I see, keep it coming ma'm, we have a large fan following here, who are awaiting your say on this matter.

sugandha_vir_0389: Secondly....I used to get a lot of new application requests...n just to open one of them...I have to send them to atleast 20 people on my list first...!!!
sugandha_vir_0389: n I was like....ughhhhhhhh.....gimme a break...
sugandha_vir_0389: !!!!!!!!!!!!

Elitecoder: (What if you do not have 20 people in your list on the first place?) (This was my thought, which she read....ughhhhhh!!!)

sugandha_vir_0389: I don't know...then maybe you have to send it to everyone on your list....
sugandha_vir_0389: I never came across that situation....

(I so believe that you had 20 people on your list, have you ever even met 20 people in whole of your life??? %$^@^%!^$^@)

Elitecoder: I see, would be a real pain, isn't it?

sugandha_vir_0389: You bet..!

Elitecoder: No, really, I am afraid of losing bets!!!
Elitecoder: So, we shall move onto our next question.

sugandha_vir_0389: Duhh....I meant..you can bet on it....n be sure (to win, dat is) ;)

(And she thought, I hadn't understood her comment on the first place, do I really look or sound so dumb?)

Elitecoder: Oh, ok ok. So next question.

sugandha_vir_0389: Your gonna edit this part out, aren't u?? :D

Elitecoder: We will see to that. (See, See....!!!!)

sugandha_vir_0389: Ok

Elitecoder: Next question now. Would you suggest your friends to try Facebook out? (I am on it, and wanting some girl-friends desperately!!)

sugandha_vir_0389: Firstly, I appreciate your courage on admitting on your blog that you are desperate....
sugandha_vir_0389: for a girl....(thanks for clarifying dat too)

(Like I would tell her publicly, if I was a gay!!!)

sugandha_vir_0389: n as far as my friends are concerned....I would tell them what I think about it..n why...the decision is theirs to make
sugandha_vir_0389: maybe a few people who have a lot of enthusiasm for social networking..
sugandha_vir_0389: n are not as lazy as me...
sugandha_vir_0389: AND are quite amused by all the applications on facebook....
sugandha_vir_0389: .......might find it interesting...

Elitecoder: Thanks for such nice thoughts.
Elitecoder: Now, I would like to end this interview with one last question.
(I wanna run away, don't wanna get my own a** kicked in my own interview anymore!!!!)

sugandha_vir_0389: Shoot

Elitecoder: Mmmm, this is my Facebook Profile Link - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=611135029 - Would you please pass this onto your other girl-friends?

sugandha_vir_0389: Well ok..I'll do that....they might find a few of your frens interesting enuf...;) (Hell, I was talking about myself!!! :((( )
sugandha_vir_0389: So...
sugandha_vir_0389: By the Way...Best of luck to you for finding a gf...:) (%@%^$^@^@^$#^#^@%@#^#$^!@^$^#$^@^$^#$ - Censored Thoughts)

Elitecoder: I just so wish :D
Elitecoder: Thanks again for your precious time.

sugandha_vir_0389: Your're Welcome.

Elitecoder: Don't miss out on the new posts on my Blog. One would be your own interview.
Elitecoder: Celebrate the celebrityhood!!!!
(Watch out for it dear lady!!!!)

Alright, I am done with one interview of a Facebook user (ex-Facebook user), who as it turns out, didn't like Facebook that much. I am still looking for that REAL FAN of Facebook, so as soon as I meet him/her (I hope for it to be "her" more), I will interview her (I just assumed that I will be lucky enough to have it to be a her!!) and will bring those unrivalled thoughts out for you all!!

So keep watching this space for more, more and more!!!


sugandha said...
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sugandha said...
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sugandha said...

sugandha_vir_0389: You bet..!

Elitecoder: No, really, I am afraid of losing bets!!!
Elitecoder: So, we shall move onto our next question.

sugandha_vir_0389: Duhh....I meant..you can bet on it....n be sure (to win, dat is) ;)

(And she thought, I hadn't understood her comment on the first place, do I really look or sound so dumb?)

in my defence...i have only to show u guys a piece of this....
sugandha virmani: n btw u so did NOT understand dat bet comment in th first place.....!!!!!!!
sugandha virmani:
mukul2626: wat made u think so? u ass!!
sugandha virmani: ur reply
mukul2626: and wat made u think that i cannot make a think look good for myself, rather than cutting osmething

ahem...this, i guess leaves no room fr any doubt fr anyone?
dont hate me fr this dear....i shud learn sum gud things from u rite?

Phoenix said...

"who did what with whom" Nice, eh ;)

$hruti said...

nice attempt...m waiting 2 b interviewed 2...hehehe....luking 4wards 2 hv more of ur blogs...kip blogging...

Anu said...

nice try and all .... bt i liked the orkut one better than this ...

and .. oh, i see u getting some fringe benefits too [;)]