Dec 25, 2005

What is important - Friends or Technology?

Exams Over.
And now i m bored.
So its time to do some stuff !!!!!
But the most daunting task is to start with it.
i have a 20 days holidays in which i gotta do some things, i know 'bout them, but how to start.
I have to study Operating Systems, at least two books of them.
And i have to study Networking [Tanenbaum]
And have to complete my project too.
The one on Multi-boot DVDs, so its kinda urgent for me start working now.
All friends have gone back home. And i am alone.
And its not time to talk about Technical things.
Yesterday, i was thinking. Yes its kinda weird that i was thinking, but how can i help if i was.
So i was thinking, where am i standing?
I have some friends, some gud friends, some of whom i want to be good. But they don't know me completely yet. And they are reluctant to know more. They feel that the extent they know me are enough.
I wonder why???
But whatever, so everytime i think of relations, i come back to technology as all the times its with me and never leaves me in agony.
This doesn't mean that my friends don't mean anything to me, it only means that there are times when i am alone, its technology which stays with me and accompanies me.
But let me leave this here. I don't know what should i give more preference, my friends or technology.
As i am still finding the answer to this question, so any voluntary answers are invited.
I think i should wait for some time until i get some answers.
So c ya until i decide something.
Bbye and deeksha if u are reading this, tell the answer plz as u very well know my state of mind.


Dxa said...

Do you have to ask this question?
or is it that to make a choice is mandatory,its neither of both....both are poles apart,and wen it comes to u, both are indispensable for life,say one is brain while other heart,so don't bamboozle yourself by making choices,rather make them coordinate with one another,for u cant do without either.

varun said...

if i had to choose one, i'd of course choose friends, coz i can't live without them, without technology i can. friends are a short route to happiness while technology is a longer and unpredictable one, and sometimes it may not provide any fulfilment at all

Nikhil said...

Well, if I am one of those friends you want to be good, tell me. I will improve. And you are aware that I have never been reluctant to know you. Its always been a question of how much you are willing to tell.

See, its human nature to dislike anyone who says you are wrong. Maybe, this is why technology never leaves you in agony because it will never point out your mistakes.But your friends will always want you to improve. You must understand that they have only your best interests at heart.

And we dont have technology yet with vast AI. So its only your friends who can understand your emotions.