Dec 28, 2005

I start with myself

Well what should i say today. The day started at 12:30 AM as always. And as always i woke up due to a phone call. The call was from Dheeraj. I don't remember what he said, coz u know why. The hell, it was my wake up call, not something to be taken seriously. Was it? Well leave it. The day commenced, and so i remembered i had to reach college at 9 am. But the time passed is the time lost. So i moved on. Got ready, and left for college. And what do i get there. Nothing. The work which i went to do couldn't even happen to start.

Oh my god. What m i saying? The things m saying, tell that it was not a good day, but its not so. It was a good day. A pretty normal day, when i don't get any probs and do get a sufficient dose of Technology.
Am trying out Office 12 Beta 1. And its simply cool. Only just started using it today so won't be able to comment on its working yet.
Met Nikhil today too. And he has started writing poems now. My God, whole of the world is writing now and writing good too. Only i m left, may be thats why m writing right now to compete. ;)
But it doesn't matter. I was thinking today. Yeah i was. DOn't u believe? Plz do.
Ohk. I was thinking about Dr. Amit Goel. Yeah, truly i was. I came to know that he is gonna teach me Networks in next semester. Kewl, you would think. Any other person would think so too. But i know, how my experiences with him have been. Simply Awe.........................................................................ful.

He is gonna shoot me, not dead, but hurt, in the class everyday.

Thats what i think. I also came to know that he has published 7 research papers. I was inspired from the moment, i came to know about it. But yeah some person, i won't mention the name, also told me that he is very unproductive person.
OOOOOOOOOOOh. I won't claim a knowledge now, but but but, he is gonna teach me guys.
Really Kewl.
Seriously KEWL.
MAAN, what m i gonna do?
Should i start doing PhD in Networks now onwards.
I leave the answers to listeners.

Hey........the listeners of my thoughts i mean.
Ho Ho Ho
Santa came and gave me Dr. Amit Goel.
Merry Xmas.


Dxa said...

So ,santa gave you the right thing,
"the quest for more knowldege",strive hard for it...for you have been given a purpose.

Bhavna said...

u got urs..wheres mine???????
will Dushyant sir teach us again ;)

elitecoder said...

Dushyant Sir.
I don't think so. There are no subjects which he could teach us. 2 subjects are of computer science - Digital System Design and Conputer Networks. So these are certainly to be taught by either our HOD or some computer science lecturer.
Rest are 4 subjects, out of which 3 are on control systems which i sincerely don't think is an expertise of Dushyant Sir. And the left one is from the book A.K.Sawhney and as always, i think there will be some M.Tech teacher for us to teach that subject. So no more subject left and so Dushyant Sir goes on a holiday. :D
But bhavna, whats the matter?
I understand he is smart and good looking, but why are u so eager to make him teach us.
I pray that he doesn't come as he snatches my share of girls. ;)

Bhavna said...

heeeee hoooooooo..u took it seriously..
par waise unka padhaya hua sab samajh aata tha mujhe :D

prophet said...

bloggers talking bout college stuff...
das interesting :p
Merry christmas!!

Nikhil said...

Dude, you can't compete with me in writing poems. I am unbeatable there :-)
And no need to be worried about Amit sir. He taught us in last semester and he is OK if you go straight in his class. So, just don't provoke him and everything will be fine.

elitecoder said...

I think, there is sumthing wrong with u or u might have had come to know what m i writing. A poem or an experience. Well, whatever might be the reason, i know u are unbeatable in poetry.
And Good News, Amit Sir is not teaching us anymore, its Ashutosh Sir, my favourite, who is gonna teach us networks.
So Party Guys.