Nov 29, 2005

What m i made of????

Well friends some times i think, i think and keep thinking.
I think many things. Many things which include all my adventures and all my misadventures and all my attributes and all my dreams.
I recently bought a new PC.

The Configuration is as under -
* Intel Pentuim D 820 - 2 x 2.8 GHz processors with 1BM L2 Cache each.
* Motherboard is Gigabyte iDNA series 945G
* 80GB Seagata Baracudda SATA.
* Transcend DDR II 667 MHz 1 GB RAM.

The major things are as above but now let me tell u what i was thinking.
i was thinking why don't i write as much as i think.
Isn't it bad that i write in between various months.
This is indeed very bad.
This PC costed me 31,000 bucks only and now i am confused as to what to do of this monster.
I m not getting any 64 bit softwares online so i am still running 32 bit ones which is a shame in itself.
Why is this so????
Leave alone 64 bit software, there are no softwares tailormade for dual core systems.
So in a way i m still running on a single leg.
And i m feeling very bad about it.
Some one should help me out in this. Some one should tell me where can i find 64 bit software for Windows XP 64 bit edition.
Some one should as i m unable to find the solution to this problem of mine.
I m waiting. And i will until my next post.
Until then bbye and take care.


Dxa said...

I think , i hv an answer for "What you are made of?",
You must be made up of semiconductor chips , nd ICs,dats y desperately,try to recognize ur body parts in variuos processors.
nd i used to think , u r a hu8man being.

Nikhil said...

Dont worry, dude.All tech predictions say that dual core and 64 bit are the future.
So, see your new PC as an investment for the next 2-3 years.
For now, try and make the best use of whatever you can get your hands on.