Jun 29, 2005

Sorry guys

Sorry guys for not posting for so long.
There are many reasons for that.
Should I start and list them all. I don't think that would be very cool. And of course why will u be interested in why am i not posting. wat u might be interested in is that i haven't posted for a long time. May be 2 months. But I will set it all right.
So wat is Bill Gates busy with now a days. U guys don't have an idea. Well then i will tell u. Mr. Bill Gates is currently busy in donating money for the development of "out of the box" (again out-of-the-box experience) medical solutions for various diseases. I am here not saying that i don't like Bill Gates donating money for the medical revolution. Atleast he has donated enough money ( about $450 million) to say that it is was a publicity stunt. And i am even not saying that i don't like Bill Gates personally but i detest his company Micro$oft so much that i just can't stop myself spilling mud on him and his company time and again.
But this time he indeed has done a remarkable job. Seriously if someone does such a good deed of donating money for the purpose of development of vaccines for HIV AIDS, Tuberculosis and some highly infective diseases then i must say, he has a noble cause in his mind.
But i will not be so noble for a long time. The other time Microsoft says something against Linux and i will again start thrashing Micro$oft and Bill Gates.
And i suppose that will be very soon as i know Micro$oft just live in peace with Linux killing it inch by inch.
Rest is alrite. And now i will be posting stuff very soon.
And the next cool thing will come ur way very soon.
So keep posting on the Blog or i should say that u start posting on the Blog.
And i assure u, u will get excellent talks on the blog.
Rest is Best.
Bbye and take care u all.